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The BfR MEAL Study: What´s in your food

In what quantities do we ingest desirable and undesirable substances on average through our food? Are certain foods more contaminated than others? And what health effects does the preparation method have on the food? The BfR MEAL Study helps to answer these and other questions.

MEAL Virtual tour teaser

Access the virtual tour through the study kitchen


Das Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung


MEAL IGW 2021 q

Digital Green Week 2021: a look into the BfR MEAL Study kitchen

At the International Green Week, which took place digitally on 20 and 21 January 2021, the BfR was offering insights into the processes taking place within the BfR MEAL Study. Those who are interested could follow a video tour through the study kitchen and join the different steps starting with the purchasing of foods and ending with the preparation of a meal.


MEAL Brot q

Up-to-date concentration data for cadmium and lead

Between 2008 and 2010, the BfR calculated the levels of environmental contaminants, such as cadmium and lead, ingested via food in Germany as part of the LExUKon project. This was based on concentration data collected by the German food monitoring program. The first results of the BfR MEAL Study are now available. They complement these levels.



Virtual tour through the MEAL study kitchen

Experience the BfR MEAL Study up close – this is possible thanks to the new virtual tour through the study rooms.


MEAL Stoffliste q

list of substances 2020

The foods prepared in the BfR MEAL Study are tested on 282 substances in nine modules. The updated list of substances indicates which substances these are and is now available for download here.


MEAL Stickstoff q

A cold shock for food: liquid nitrogen facilitates homogenisation

What do gummy bears, tuna fish and broccoli have in common? Foods like these cannot be homogenised for the BfR MEAL Study without prior treatment.



The BfR-MEAL-Study checks what is in our food.

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